Sonda Sistemi srl is a Management Consulting firm which supplies many specialized services, aimed to assist private companies and public enterprises in developing and innovating their organizations.
Sonda Sistemi boasts very wide skills and experiences, particularly in agribusiness, tourism and environmental fields, as well as in R&D projects and territorial marketing policies for local development.
Company’s customers are either manufacturing and service companies (above all SME’s and producers’ associations) or public administrations. The main target market is the Central and Southern Italy.
Sonda Sistemi was established in Naples in 1993, to act as the service organization of the holding Sonda, created in his turn on the initiative of Finbiotec SpA, the Italian investment trust company for biotechnology development.
Sonda Sistemi services include all the management, organizational, commercial and technological activities which can improve customers’ performances and support their “Change Management” efforts, e.g.: strategy assessment, design and implementation of management systems (for quality, environment, security, CSR certification), export trading development, R&D projects, management and professional training, etc..
In 1996, Sonda Sistemi was the first Management Consulting firm of Southern Italy to achieve the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which actually covers the following service range:

  • Business Organization and Management;
  • Technical Assistance to the Public Sector;
  • Implementation of Management Systems;
  • Marketing and Trading Business for the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Innovation Technology.

The Company’s project management activities are shared among 3 different departments: public administrations, private companies, training activities.
Projects are carried out by working groups which are managed by a company’s Partner or a Senior Consultant, who cares for relationship with the Customer, and are attended by professional Analysts, experienced either in the specific consulting area (organization, marketing, economics, logistics, ICT, etc.) or business sector (food, tourism, public utilities, environmental services, etc.).

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